Friday, November 18, 2011

Who Do I Think I Am?

To be honest, I'm not at all comfortable with the idea that a person who does not trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord ends up in hell, regardless of whether they heard about him or not. But that's what he said. I say I believe in him. Do I really believe him? When he says things that make me uncomfortable?

Maybe the real problem is what leaves me comfortable. I'm pretty comfortable living as if those around me, even those I care for, don't really need to hear or be enlightened and transformed by this Truth called Jesus... like I do. I'm comfortable living as if they don't really need to be guided through life's questions, pitfalls, and quagmires by this Way called Jesus... like I do. I'm comfortable living as if they don't really need to be reborn, restored, and renewed into this Life called Jesus... like I do. Who do I think I am?

Lord, You have blessed me beyond my comprehension: you forgave me, you redeemed me, you healed me, you restored me, you gave me hope of new and eternal life. And I am blessed to be a blessing. Lord, please change my heart to love more like yours, my arms to reach out more like yours, and my feet to follow after yours.

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  1. I think God is all knowing and all good.I leave the final judgement to Him.He will make the right decision.God knows a person's heart whether he or she loves Him or not.I think that was what C.S.Lewis was saying in the Great Divorce.The people who are in hell are there because they want to be there.As for the other comments we always need guidance from the other saints.That's why we have the church to help and encourage and guide each other.We have the Scripture but we need to hear from each other what Christ is telling us about how it applies now.We aren't perfect so we can always improve.We need constant restoration and renewal.We hope we'll keep helping each other.Christ says things all the time I am not comfortable hearing.It just tells me once again where I need to grow more Christ like.He is the Lord and Master.I am the servant.L